Curb Side Mailbox Enhancement

Have you ever driven up to your mailbox to retrieve the mail? Did you drive to close and hit the mailbox with your side view mirror? Did you drive a bit too far from the mailbox and couldn’t reach your mailbox? Have you ever hurt your back twisting out the window to reach your mailbox? Do you get frustrated shoveling the heavy wet icy snow from the mailbox in the winter? How much time does it take to remove the snow?

You can now avoid all of these issues with the new invention called “Slide Me Out” mailbox bracket. The bracket allows you to slide your mailbox 12 inches forward. You can now slide your mailbox to the edge of the snowbank when the street plows are finished. No need in stretching your body out the window, just slide the mailbox to you while sitting confortably in your vehicle.

The “Slide Me Out” mailbox bracket makes the perfect gift during the holiday season.

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