Cluster Mailbox Challenges for New Homes

The United States Postal Service is working to reduce their cost. One way is by requiring new homes to have a curb side mailbox or cluster mailboxes for large developments. The days of walk up service to homes is over for new homes. The goal for the USPS is to reduce the cost for mail delivery. The Slide Me Out mailbox bracket is the perfect accessory for mailboxes since it allows easy delivery and retrieval of mail by allowing the mailbox to slide forward to 12 inches. Cluster Mailboxes can increase cost to home builders as well as making it harder for people with disabilities to retrieve their mail. We are told local Post Masters do have discretion in the type of mailbox systems they approve. Let Home Owner Associations and Home Builders know about the Slide Me Out mailbox bracket option to gain Post Master approval. The bracket will help to keep postal workers and themselves in their vehicles to retrieve or deliver mail.

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